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Financial Document Retention for Restaurants & Bars

The number of documents that restaurants and bars need to handle is overwhelming. You are constantly hammered with invoices, receipts, statements, operating agreements, leases, licenses, liquor board reports, purchase orders, tax returns, K-1s, etc.  Luckily, digitization and cloud migration have alleviated some of this burden. Well, has it? We frequently talk to operators who are

The Ideal Restaurant Management Incentive Plan in 3 Steps

The rise in operating costs and shortage of restaurant labor has forced restaurant owners to incentivize key employees with performance bonuses and equity by building the ideal restaurant management incentive plan. The ideal incentive or bonus plan should: Incentivize and reward key employees for increasing profitability and improving the hospitality experience; Provide an ROI to


You've got questions; we've got answers. Where do you draw the line with unlimited access?Unlimited access gives you unlimited access to your Client Advisor for meetings, emails, calls, etc., and any service in our wheelhouse that doesn't require a monthly plan upgrade. This includes, but is not limited, to GAAP audit support, state tax registrations,