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Incentivizing Restaurant Employees with Ownership Equity and Profits

By Marisa Parker, CPA | Published on 12/08/2021 If you have been in the restaurant industry for a while, you have probably heard some buzz about alternative pay structures for your managers and employees, such as granting ownership, equity, or deferred compensation. While these ideas might seem tempting to attract and retain good talent, figuring

What should prime cost be in a restaurant?

What should prime cost be in a restaurant? By Marisa Parker, CPA | Published on 10/3/2021 The restaurant industry is known for having very slim profit margins. According to, the pre-tax average net profit for independent fast-casual (quick service) restaurants is 6-7% and 4-5% for full-service restaurants. When working with such small margins, it is

Maximizing Benefits of RRF, PPP, & EIDL in Your Restaurant

Article by: Raffi Yousefian, CPA, Principal at RY CPAs If you are one of the fortunate restaurants that received cash from the RRF, PPP, EIDL, ERC, or some combination thereof, then you are probably wondering how and when you can (1) use this cash to strategically and efficiently grow your restaurant, (2) pay the least