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Top 5 Alternatives to a POS Loan

Running a restaurant is akin to juggling a flaming chainsaw while riding a unicycle. You’re constantly managing staff, inventory, vendors, marketing, and of course, your customers and their needs. On top of all that, you need to make sure your financial tightrope doesn’t snap. Is a loan from your POS provider the best safety net for

Financing Your Restaurant Expansion: Unlock the Secrets

Financing Your Restaurant Expansion

You’ve tasted success with your restaurant, and now you’re looking to savor more of it, perhaps by adding more seats, sprucing up the décor, or even taking a leap to open a brand-new location. As enticing as expansion can be, it often comes with a side dish of financial challenges. How do you fund this

Understanding, Calculating, and Reducing Your Restaurant Labor Cost Percentage

Calculating your restaurant labor cost percentage is essential to running a successful restaurant. The labor cost percentage is the amount of money you spend on employee wages and benefits as it compares to your total sales. This number is significant because it tells you how much profit you’re making on each dollar that comes through

The 7 Impacts and Benefits of AP Automation with XtraCHEF by Toast

Processing invoices, developing pricing strategy, managing inventory costs, and keeping the right inventory levels are all challenging functions of managing a restaurant. You can quickly and easily do all of these things by using xtraCHEF, integrated into your management processes and accounting systems! Check out “7 Impacts and Benefits of Accounts Payable Automation with xtraCHEF

Raising and Distributing Capital for Restaurant Startups

raising and distributing capital

This is part 1 of a 2-article series. Please check back to read our article on taxation of distributions and allocation of profits and losses. You are a restaurateur with a great idea for a restaurant and feel it is a cannot-miss investment opportunity. There are several different options to raise the capital you need

How to Reconcile Food Delivery Service Fees and Taxes

food delivery service

Written in partnership with: Restaurants are doing more carry-out and delivery than ever, and maximizing revenue per square foot by using two, three, or more different delivery services to reach the most hungry customers as possible. Unfortunately, each additional delivery service means more taxes, fees, and commissions that must be reconciled in the accounting system.

The 2022 Guide to Restaurant Taxes: Tips and Advice

Restaurant accounting and tax specialists have navigated many operators through millions of dollars from COVID Relief, and helped many restaurants become cash-flow-positive even throughout the pandemic. When tax time comes around, working with a seasoned accounting team like the Fork CPAs helps keep the momentum, and ensures the filing process is as pain-free as possible.

Growing a Practice and Refining Services with MarginEdge

In partnership with: Check out this article and interview from MarginEdge with our Founder, Raffi Yousefian. This article highlights the benefits and win/win for restaurants and accountants that use software like MarginEdge to streamline their restaurant accounting operations and increase profitability by gaining visibility and oversight on a real-time basis.