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Using MarginEdge for Restaurant AP

Using MarginEdge for restaurant AP

The AP process (“Accounts Payable”) is accounting jargon for processing and paying invoices as they come due. Restaurants engage many suppliers to obtain the resources and services their establishments need, from the food and beverage items served, to linens and serviceware used, to cleaning and kitchen supplies and appliances, to support services such as legal,

MarginEdge EDI and Reconciliation Tool: Accuracy and Efficiency in AP for Restaurants

MarginEdge creates a seamless invoice to inventory and bill pay process.

We’re going to share some restaurant accounting industry secret sauce: the MarginEdge EDI and Reconciliation tool. The MarginEdge EDI and Reconciliation tool helps restaurant managers and accountants process invoices and bill pay much faster than doing everything by hand by implementing AI and automation, so that all the legwork happens in the background – instead