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Gross Sales vs Net Sales in Prime Cost Reporting

Prime costs are key indicators of your restaurant’s financial success. In another blog, we answered the first most common question, “What Should Prime Cost Be in a Restaurant?” In this article, we address the second most common question regarding prime costs: Do we use gross sales or net sales in prime cost reporting? Gross Sales

Vendor Pricing Agreements

A prime vendor agreement or prime vendor contract allows buyers to purchase frequently-purchased products for “preferred” or discounted pricing. This type of agreement is most common between customers and wholesalers or broad line distributors, and is sometimes called a “bulk discount.” Restaurant owners can use prime vendor agreements to help control costs and maintain consistent

Before the Doors Open: Pre-Opening Costs for Restaurants

Learn how pre-opening costs are handled for your restaurant's books and taxes.

Whether you’re a successful restaurant concept opening a new location, or a brand new restaurateur opening your very first storefront, a shiny new restaurant is always exciting! While you’re probably thinking a lot about your dollar return on investment and what profits will look like, you may not be so focused on how the startup